sachet (Plural: sachets)


  • "sa shay"
  1. (Cooking)A cheesecloth bag of herbs and/or spices added during cooking and then removed before serving.

6 letters in word "sachet": A C E H S T.

Anagrams of sachet:

Words found within sachet:

ace aces ach ache aches act acts ae aesc ah ahs as ash ashet at ate ates case cash cast caste cat cate cates cats ceas cesta ch cha chas chase chat chats che cheat chest ea each eas east eat eath eats ech echt eh ehs es est et eta etas etch eth eths ha hae haes haet haets has hast haste hat hate hates hats he heast heat heats hes hest het hets sac sae sat sate scat scath sceat sea seat sec sect set seta sh sha shat she shea shet st ta tace taces tach tache tachs tae taes tas tash te tea teach teas tech techs tes thae the theca